About Privio

After graduating college with a music degree, our founder took several piano students and quickly found the business side of the venture to range from annoying to dreadful. Teaching young kids the joy of music was satisfying, but keeping track of who owed what could be painful.

Trying to keep track of it all with spreadsheets was doable, but the more students he added, the more unwieldy it got. Then he had the idea to write a piece of software that was tailored to helping with the specific problem of music studio management. Privio was born.

Our goal is to help make music teachers' lives easier through technology.

Privio is in a state of constant improvement. While we may change things here and there, our philosophy will remain the same:

  • It must be easy to use and intuitive
  • It must be well-supported
  • It must put the user first
  • It must add value to our users' studios
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