April 13th Privio Updates

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Below are recent updates and improvements made. Thank you for managing your teaching studio with Privio! 


  • Corrected a bug that occurred when cancelling accounts.
  • Updated to latest Ruby version. 
  • Updated payment handling module to account for changes at Paypal.  

April 6th Privio Updates

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Thank you for using Privio. Below is a fix you may like to know about: 

  • Solved an issue that caused email to not go out for some teachers, including invoice emails.

Teaching Music Really Does Make a Difference

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Teaching music lessons can be exhausting. If you ever doubt the difference you're making in your students lives, bookmark and reference the below articles. With scientific research to back up the claims, learning music positively impacts younger people. Whether you're part of a music staff, public school, or teach private lessons, teaching music does make an incredible impact on those that you teach.

Big Changes


We've been hard at work over the past couple of months on some great new features and improvements that we can't wait to show you. This is the biggest update we've done to Privio since we started, and there's a lot to cover, so hang on to your seat!

Huge Calendar Improvements

Right now, when you create a recurring event in Privio, you are required to give it an end recurrence date. Yuck! Most of the time we as private music teachers don't know or don't really care when a student's lesson...

Music Studio Policy - Setting Expectations

Danger Expectations Ahead

Music teachers are a special kind of business owner. By definition our customers are repeat customers, and being such we tend to make friends out of them over time. This is one of the wonderful things about teaching. However, it also unfortunately allows for the possibility of certain abuses of the friendship.

If you spend any time in online forums for music teachers, you've seen post after post from teachers asking basically the same question - how do you handle disagreements with parents...

Managing Your Music Teaching Studio

Managing students and billing for a music teaching studio is made simple when using Privio. To demonstrate how simple it is, I will explain it all in roughly 500 words.


Each student can belong to a family, and as mentioned in previous posts, each student can have multiple billing profiles customized to allow the music teacher choose how to bill each student individually.

There are three student statuses: waiting, active, and inactive. These will help the music teacher organize their...

Privio's Music Teacher Billing Solution

When I first started teaching piano, I used a combination of Excel and Outlook to manage billing for my studio. I would set up a recurring event in my Outlook calendar representing the student's lesson, and at the end of the month I would count up the lessons I taught, and go do some typing in Excel. I had a bill template prepared that I could alter for each student, then save, then print and mail. This actually worked pretty well when I started, but then again I only had five students.


Feature Spotlight - Billing Profiles

One of the main philosophies of Privio has been to make our software flexible and easy to use. We believe that your plate is full as it is, so we've made great efforts to make Privio fit that design philosophy. Over the next few weeks we'll be spotlighting Privio's main features and showing how we're making it happen.

One of the things we found when talking with music teachers is that everyone bills their students differently. Most bill monthly, but some do it per semester, and some have...

Introducing Privio

Music is such an important part of the human experience that many don't realize just how much of a role it plays in our daily lives. Many things we do every day involve music, whether it is watching our favorite TV series, listening to the latest playlist, or simply hearing a fanfare tell us the football game is about to begin. Music communicates across language, regional, and cultural barriers to bring understanding, ideas, and emotion to anyone willing to lend an ear.

In today's fast paced...

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