Terms of Use

Privio is a small operation (for now!) and as such we can't afford a fancy schmansy lawyer to write our terms of use for us. Please read the following carefully before signing up so you know what you're getting into. We're very easy-going people, but we do need to lay down some rules here so that we can make Privio a nice place for teachers, students, and parents to visit. When you sign up for an account with Privio, you agree to these terms. With that, here are the rules. 

Rule #1: Don't upload inappropriate things

As a Privio user you are able to set up a website for your studio. We ask that you refrain from uploading anything that's illegal, pornographic, obscene, libelous, defamatory, and any other lawyerish word you can think of. It's a website for a music studio; put music studio things on it only.

Rule #2: Don't upload files you don't have permission to

Make sure you have permission to share any file that you upload to Privio. Don't steal other people's work, even if you found it on the internet, and post it to your website or your Studio Files section. This includes music, videos, documents, images, etc.

Rule #3: Don't do sneaky things

Please don't use your website to try to set up a phishing or spam site, or anything not related to you or your music studio. Don't try to launder money with your account.

Rule #4: You're responsible for what you post

We're not liable if you do decide to break any of the rules and post things you shouldn't. We also reserve the right to take down anything that we deem breaks the rules.

Rule #5: We own all the stuff we've made

Please don't use any of the artwork or code that we created to make Privio without asking us first.

Rule #6: You own all the stuff you've made

Everything you upload is yours. You want it taken down? Just ask and we'll do it. We won't try to advertise to any of your students or parents, and we won't give your information to anyone else. See the privacy policy.

Termination of Your Account

We reserve the right to close any account that breaks these rules, but we'll try to work it out with you first. You can also close your own account at any time without repercussion by logging in, clicking your username, and clicking on subscription & billing.